2018 Malmö Talks

Emotional Safety, Sorority and #metoo: One Year in Larp Women Unite France – Muriel Algayres

Inspired by the Nordic group by the same name, Larp Women Unite France just celebrated its first year of existence. In this talk, Muriel Algayres will explain how the French group took inspiration from its Nordic counterpart while facing challenges specific to the French-speaking area, to the greater benefit of the larp community at large.

Muriel Algayres is a historian, teacher and game designer from France. She has been creating larp for 15 years, including Dreams of Absinth, Harem Son Saat, and the Belle Epoque trilogy. She is currently working with Rolling international to bring Harem to the Czech Republic, and with the Suffragette! larp international team in Sweden. She also operates as a moderator to the LWU France group, and, as a co-producer of the the “matters of safety” guide, has been active in raising awareness to emotional safety and prevention of harassment in her home country.

2017 Oslo Talks

Missing Stairs in Larp Communities – Maury Brown