Nordic Larp Talks Copenhagen 2015

Larps as adaptions of films and books, larps as tool to teach and communicate. And stories about larp from far away from the Nordic countries. Here are all the talks from Nordic Larp Talks Copenhagen 2015.

Watch the talks
Larp as Adaptation – Evan Torner
Wizardry 101 – Agata ‘Świstak’ Lubańska
Practical Applications of Lovecraftian Horror – Olle Nyman
Experimental Anthropology – Kaisa Kangas
Larp and… – Eleanor Saitta
Making Mandatory Larps for non-players – Miriam Lundqvist
Framing Art with Larp – Ebba Petren
Promoting Larp in New Places – Riad Walid Mustafa
Theory of Axes – Maria Raczynska
Communication: Remember the larper – Massi Hannula
Girls in armour – a Danish Feminist Movement – Ann Kristine Eriksen
Bonus: The Knudepunkt 2015 Books – Claus Raasted

Here you can watch all the presentations as a playlist.

The event was hosted by writer and radio & television host Johanna Koljonen.

Nordic Larp Talks Copenhagen 2015 was produced by Babylon and Petter Karlsson from LajvVerkstaden in connection with Knudepunkt 2015 and A Week in Copenhagen with support from DUF (Dansk Ungdoms Fællesråd) and Københavns Hovedbibliotek.

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Nordic Larp Talks 2015

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