2024 Tampere Talks

Permission to play: How to design for non-larpers – Gijs van Bilsen

What if…your boss tells you to Larp? That’s the challenge we have when designing serious larps for companies and schools. We played a 2 day serious larp at the United Nations in Geneva with 30 chiefs of staff. Because their boss asked them to do it. So how do you design your larp in such a way that people (who have never played before and might have misconceptions) give themselves permission to play?

Gijs van Bilsen is a speaker on the use of imagination, a Serious Larp designer, and an organizational development expert. He is currently collaborating with his partner, Anne, and together they design creative interventions based on Live Action Learning. His current passion project is their leadership training, where participants immerse themselves in a role specially written for them for four days. When he’s not designing interactive training, he’s on stage, explaining to his audience how to actively use imagination to discover and enhance empathy and personal qualities.

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Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen

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