2024 Tampere Talks

Inclusion in larp: Between challenge and the experience of limits – Björn Butzen

Björn Butzen is talking about the fact that “Diversity is a reality. Inclusion is a choice!” and why we struggle with this. We as a community cannot deny it: there is still a lack of disabled larpers and we have to improve our actions in order to be more inclusive. With this talk Björn wants to share some thoughts, what larp designers and organisers could do to change that.

Björn Butzen is an educational consultant for volunteer services. He is playing larps since 2014 and mostly co-organises events related to minilarps. As a participant in workshops on the topic of safety in larp, he contributes the perspective of disabled people, especially with regard to the tension between personal responsibility and heteronomy. Among other things, he also advises larp organisers on design documents and concrete implementation in order to find inclusive ways of enabling disabled or restricted people to participate in events.

Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen

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