2024 Tampere Talks

Re-designing a ready larp – Laura Kröger

More and more larps are being rerun. Laura Kröger talks about redesigning a larp before running it again. When should an existing larp be redesigned and when it shouldn’t. Case example in her talk is Odysseus 2024.

Laura Kröger is a Finnish producer and narrative designer with over 20 years of experience for creating larps. During the past decade she has been especially active on rerunning larps. Laura has been a narrative lead in larps such as Pyhävuoren perilliset – Heirs of Saint Hill (run 7 times) and Shadows in Time (run 15 times). For international audiences she is best known as lead producer and narrative designer in Odysseus. An epic space drama that was run 3 times in summer 2019 and will return with 3 more runs in summer 2024.

Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen

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