2013 Oslo Talks

Welcome to Larp. Let’s Play – 
Jana Pouchlá

Larp is cool and fun. And it is a great experience to try it out. Or it should be a great experience if your organizers are prepared to deal with newcomers.

In this talk Jana Pouchlá describes some basic arrangements that make new larpers feel safe and enjoy the game. She also argues why newbies sometimes are better larpers than super experienced players.

Jana Pouchlá is a professional lecturer of larp and soft skills. Her favourite challenge is to connect these two worlds as larp is a great way to guide adults towards participation and active learning.  Pouchla has an education from theatre university and currently works in the larp company Court of Moravia.

Here is the movie Jana shows in her presentation. Make sure to turn on the English captions if you don’t speak Czech.

Site: Court of Moravia