2022 Linköping Talks

Larp Chemistry – Laura Wood

Larp Chemistry is difficult to define and means different things to different people. This talk attempts to look at what it could be, and whether we can create it.

Laura Wood (she/they) has designed several larps which have run in several countries throughout Europe, including Here Comes a Candle, and Inside. She is an organizer for the Larps on Location collective. She is a strong proponent of creating a safety culture within larps and larp festivals, and has written articles on body positivity within larp.

2018 Malmö Talks

On Location: Playing, with Expectations – Laura Wood & Mo Holkar

Larp designers use transparency to make players aware of what might occur and to push the story forward. But how to approach the opposite task: a design that’s based on something that the players know definitely isn’t going to happen — but that is nonetheless the focus of play for the characters. How do we deal with this conflict? Laura Wood and Mo Holkar will talk through the tools that they used to achieve this in On Location, a weekend larp that ran recently in the UK.

Laura Wood has designed and organised several larps which have run in the UK, Sweden, Estonia, Russia and Germany. She is an organiser of The Smoke, London’s International Larp Festival, is an organiser of The Immersivists Club, a London based group that run chamber larps on a regular basis, a designer and organiser of On Location and has run events and workshops about safety and diversity in the larping and story gaming community.

Mo Holkar is a British larp designer and organizer. He is an organizer of The Smoke, London’s International Larp Festival; is an editor at; and is an organizer of The Game Kitchen, a monthly larp design workshop in London. He has presented programme items at KP/SK’ and written for its books; and his chamber larps have been run all over Europe, and beyond. Most recently he was a designer and organizer of the larp On Location.