Nordic Larp Talks Gothenburg 2014

Larp in refugee camps, the worlds first robot larp, political Suffragette larps and many other takes on larp design and much more was covered in Nordic Larp Talks Gothenburg 2014.

Watch the talks

Freeform and larp – Terminology and Strategies – Anna Westerling

Identity Crafting: Keeping the Black Dog at bay – Nathan Hook

Bringing larp to a refugee camp …without really knowing how – Martin Nielsen

Ethical Content Management and the Freedom to Create – Shoshana Kessock

Playing as human or robot – Carl Heath

Political larping – Strategies to make a larp accessible to non-larpers – Siri Sandquist

Sketching larp – Bjarke Pedersen

Halat hisar – State of Siege – Kaisa Kangas

Does larp design matter? – Eirik Fatland

Bonus: The Knutpunkt 2014 Books – Eleanor Saitta

Here you can watch all the presentations as a playlist.

The evening was hosted by writer and radio & television host Johanna Koljonenand produced by Petter Karlsson at Visual Arena Lindholmen.

Nordic Larp Talks is Gothenburg 2014 was organized in connection with Knutepunkt 2014 and A Week in Gothenburg with support from Interactive Institute Swedish ICT and Visual Arena.