2022 Linköping Talks

The Ethics of Storytelling – Chris Bergstresser

As larpers, we have an intimate control over the stories we choose to tell. In this talk, Chris Bergstresser asks what responsibility we bear for the stories we end up telling.

Chris Bergstresser has been a larper and larp designer for decades. They’ve been active in the Nordic Larp community since 2015. Their next project is Triumph, a Hunger Games-inspired larp running in Zagreb in late November. Their subsequent project will be a very long nap.

2021 Oslo Talks

No More Hero: Larp as a Collective Journey – Alessandro Giovannucci

We are storytelling animals. We all love stories and we need that. But there is a potential clash between storytelling and experience, between narrative and participation. Is the larp killing storytelling? Or is it reinforcing it? Let’s see if we can learn something from this mess: ideas, reflections and hopefully a weapon against capitalism.

Alessandro Giovannucci is an Italian award-winner larp designer and theorist. He co-founded Chaos League and wrote the Southern Way manifesto. As an organizer he wrote international larp (Sahara Expedition, Bunker 101, Black Friday) and chamber larp translated in several languages. Alessandro is also a musician and a lecturer, curious, friendly and proudly antifa. And he sucks at writing short bios.