2018 Malmö Talks

Larping in the Political Heart of Europe – Maria Pettersson

Parliament of Shadows was a Vampire larp was organized in the European Parliament, the heart of European Union. How to take larp to prestigious, high-security institutions and how to make high-level politicians to larp?

Maria Pettersson is a Finnish writer and larp organizer, best known for Halat hisar (2013 and 2016). She currently works as a political advisor at the European Parliament, Brussels.

2016 Helsinki Talks

A World of Nordic Darkness – Martin Ericsson

Martin Ericsson has spent 25 years designing, writing and running participatory art ranging from MMOs, interactive TV series, transmedia games and participatory Shakespeare adaptations to massive Sci-Fi and Fantasy larps. He was Senior Content Designer for CCP’s World of Darkness MMO and is currently Lead Storyteller and Brand Architect for White Wolf Publishing. His work on The Truth About Marika was awarded in Interactive Emmy®.