2015 Copenhagen Talks

Girls in Armour – a Danish Feminist Movement – Ann Eriksen

In 2009 17 women made an all female regiment for the Danish game Warlarp V. What started as an attempt to fit into a “mans” world ended as serious and important input in the Danish debate about feminism and womens representation. This is the story about what we did, how we did it, the mistakes we made and the succes we had.

Ann Eriksen is Danish larp organiser, scenario writer and feminist. She has been an major part of shaping the Danish larp convention Forum for several years and has helped fundraise over 150.000 DKK (20.000 EUR) for the Danish central role-playing organisation Bifrost. She is an active participant in debates about feminism and women’s rights, both in Larp and her field of study, which is History of Art. Last year she debuted as a scenario writer for the Danish convention Fastaval; her second Fastaval scenario will premier this year.

Ann Kristine Eriksen