Female Narratives and Why We Should Play Them – Siri Sandqvist

What is a female narrative and how do you make it playable and interesting? Can historical gender roles ever be anything else than blocking the flow? And most importantly why should I as a larp designer design larps centred around female narratives?

Siri Sandquist is a larper and a larp designer that has been active as an organizer since 2014. Her larps are often centred around gender issues such as It’s a Man’s World (2015) or Winson Green Prison (2016) and she takes a special interest in larps about female experience through her upcoming larp projects, Suffragette, about the movement for female vote in 1912, and “The One Without Sin” a larp she is organizing with the co writers of this talk, Alma Elofsson and Rosalind Göthberg, about the witch trials of Sweden in 1669.

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