2021 Oslo Talks

How to Use Larp to Improve Your Relationships – Carnelian King

This talk is about how to use one on one role-playing encounters to make your friendships and dates more interesting. It is an overview of two player games for the development of all types of relationships.

It will explain how to interact with the characters who are in your friend’s heads and how to plan for more meaningful experiences.

Carnelian King is professional dungeon master from Tennessee, USA. They live in Berlin where they have founded a role-playing game society. They are a nonbinary larp-write who has worked for Wizards of the Coast designing a role-playing marketplace for their D&D Live, Descent into Avernus. They specialize in rituals, fire spinning, performing contact juggling. When they are not organizing larps they work for Roll 20, running all different table top games and like to also plan interactive theater events, festivals and role+playing installations. They are working on developing larps for use as gender therapy as well as to make games for prisons.

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