2023 Copenhagen Talks

We’re Here, We’re Queer and We’re Ready to Feel Good – Eva Wei

Not all queer narratives have to be about death, despair or being hidden away from the public eye. In her talk, Eva Wei will delve into the things she learned while organising Perfect Match, a feel good-larp about a reality dating show for disaster queers.

Eva Wei is a Swedish lawyer, sword fighter and larpwright. She has been one of the main organisers of Knutpunkt and delights in making close-knit larps about current subjects. She is currently the chairman of the larp collective Bread and Games and has a thing for interacting with new larp cultures and genres.

2018 Malmö Talks

Designing Sigridsdotter: A Guide Through a Matriarchy – Eva Wei

How do we design a game that makes complex and subconcious patriarchal structures visible without making it loud, aggressive and in everyone’s face? In this talk, Eva Wei will guide you through the design choices that were made to create the larp Sigridsdotter, a game about everyday life in a modern matriarchy.

Eva Wei (LL. M) is a Swedish larpwright, IP-lawyer and lecturer. She is mostly known for her close-knitted larps about current subjects and her work for intersectional equality. She has designed and organised several larps, and chaired many non-profit organisations and has a great interest in project management. Currently, Eva is one of the mane organisers of Knutpunkt 2018 and works as a lawyer for the Swedish School’s Inspectorate. She is also a dedicated historical fencer and instructor and is in the board of the Swedish HEMA federation.