2024 Tampere Talks

Nukes, Pandemics and Teenagers – Martin Nielsen

Since 2018, humanist confirmants have played the larp The Outpost as part of their education on ethics and philosophy. The larp, created by Alibier on a commission basis from the Humanist society in Norway, gives the teenagers tough dilemmas in a post-apocalyptic setting. Martin Nielsen, lead designer in Alibier, tells the story of how they haven taken thousands of confirmants into a world of nukes and pandemics the past seven years.

Martin Nielsen is a Norwegian larpmaker and event organizer. His works include larps such as Allegiance, To The Wonder and Fallen Stars, as well as events such as Grenselandet, Knutepunkt and the Larpwriter Summer School. Except for two years when he was in politics, Martin has been the manager of the Oslo-based roleplaying company Alibier since 2015.

Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen
2016 Helsinki Talks

The Chamberlarp Revolution – Martin Nielsen

Martin Nielsen runs Alibier, an Oslo-based company that makes educational larps. He is an enthusiastic member of the black box larp scene, and is the head organizer of Grenselandet chamberlarp festival and the Blackbox Deichman chamberlarp series in Oslo.


Twitter: @mart_nielsen 

2014 Gothenburg Talks

Bringing larp to a refugee camp …without really knowing how – Martin Nielsen

With the goal to create a more fun and fantastic society, the project driven organisation Fantasiforbundet really has done just that, in many parts of the world. In this talk, Martin Nielsen gives you the story of how the brought roleplaying and larp to kids in a refugee camps.

Martin Nielsen, political scientist of education, has his dayjob in UngOrg, an NGO promoting empowerment of young people in Oslo. He has been larping since 1999 and has been a key contributor to Fantasiforbundet’s projects in Lebanon, Belarus and Palestine as well as meeting places such as Grenselandet, Knutepunkt in Norway and The Larpwriter Summer School. He is also partner in the company Alibier AS that works with participatory methods, including larp.

Site:  Fantasiforbundet
Project site: Fantasiforbundet’s project portal