2017 Oslo Talks

City in a Box – Building a dystopian futuristic city in a black box – Simon Svensson

2015 Copenhagen Talks

Wizardry 101 – Agata Świstak

Wizardry 101 is a talk devoted to all who treated larp scenography as a nuisance or something that happens by accident. Agata “Świstak” Lubańska will try to destroy some of those stereotypes and also provide you with some hints on how it worked at Czocha College of Wizardry.

Agata “Świstak” Lubańska – one of the founders of Polish NGO called Liveform. She is organising projects for local community since her first Knudepunkt at 2011, and global – since 2014, when she became head scenographer at College of Wizardry. Despite her short romances with game design (which flourished with Distinction Award for short scenario ‘SNOW’ at Golden Cobra contest) her true loves are project management and working with people.

Website of organisation: Liveform
Larp website: College of Wizardry / @cowlarp on Twitter
Larp website: Fairweather Manor