2011 Copenhagen Talks

Fabricating Madness

Delirium is a larp about couples in a mental institution, a story about revolution and desire in a deconstructed universe. The larp uses ensemble play and workshops to develop a 50 hour experience for 38 players; played in a huge black box with theatrical set lights to break time flow and switch between scenes. It is designed as a high resolution larp involving many diegetic game devices to bring forth the feeling of insanity in the players.

Peter Schønnemann Andreasen is a Danish organizer, game designer, proponent of the pre-larp workshop and co-creator of the Ars Ordo mechanic. He helped organize the “A Week” activities for Knudepunkt 2007, served as the Ropecon guest of honor in 2008, and was nominated for an honorary Otto at Fastaval 2011. Peter was one of the organizers of the larp Delirum in 2010.


Photo: Jakob la Cour

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