2024 Tampere Talks

Kitsch, Netflix, and the recuperation of larp – Jamie Macdonald

Jamie MacDonald is here to declare that contemporary Nordic larps and larpers often do things that render them incapable of political efficacy or personal change, wasting the potential of this art form.

Jamie MacDonald is a stand-up comedian, queer performance maker, and PhD candidate in performance studies. He has for over a decade been a curious voice in Nordic larp, often writing about larp’s encounters with art and theatre. This year he is one of the Solmukohta programme team members, and is co-hosting Sublime Pretense, the inaugural art and larp symposium held here tomorrow morning.

Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen
2019 Odense Talks

Designing for the Somatic imagination – Susan Ploetz

Imagination (and cognition) is multi-sensory, and effects/is effected by the whole body. How does larp already design for the somatic experience how how can this be pushed further using somatic (body awareness/mindfulness) practices? Drawing from her background in somatic practices, mixed with a bit of brain and cognitive science, Susan will use the design and mechanics from her larp experience “Xenosomatics” as an example of the narrative and affective potentials of adapting somatic practices for larp design. 

Slides: Designing for the Somatic imagination – Susan Ploetz

Susan Ploetz (US/DE) is an artist and somatic practitioner, conducting artistic research through somatic role play as affectual/effectual experiences. She was a lucky participant in the Larpwriter’s Summer School in 2016 and has presented work, spoken, or taught at Berliner Festspiele/Martin Gropius Bau, Universität der Künste Berlin, The Pervasive Media Studio, Sophiensaele, ABC Art Fair, Dutch Art Institute, Documenta, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, and Performa, among other venues. She lives in Berlin.

2016 Oslo Talks

The Art Brain – Magnar Grønvik Müller

2016 Oslo Talks

Combining Art and Larp – Nina Essendrop

2015 Copenhagen Talks

Framing Art with Larp – Ebba Petren

Ebba Petrén works as director, script writer and performer in the field of performing arts. Her works in arts collective Nyxxx is participatory and do often use tech to design play.

In this talk she tells about how she larped, became bothered and did something about it. This process opened the gate to a whole new artistic field.

2011 Copenhagen Talks

Playing With Personal Development

Bjarke Pedersen runs the Copenhagen based company Odyssé which focuses on interactive storytelling, larping and participatory events. He also works together International artist Brody Condon on interactive performances in Europe and the States. He has played, designed and organised larps since the late nineties. He has made everything from children-larps for the Royal Danish Theatre to an elaborate simulation of life aboard a Soviet submarine.

Site: Odyssé
Twitter: bjarcore