2024 Tampere Talks

Kitsch, Netflix, and the recuperation of larp – Jamie Macdonald

Jamie MacDonald is here to declare that contemporary Nordic larps and larpers often do things that render them incapable of political efficacy or personal change, wasting the potential of this art form.

Jamie MacDonald is a stand-up comedian, queer performance maker, and PhD candidate in performance studies. He has for over a decade been a curious voice in Nordic larp, often writing about larp’s encounters with art and theatre. This year he is one of the Solmukohta programme team members, and is co-hosting Sublime Pretense, the inaugural art and larp symposium held here tomorrow morning.

Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen
2021 Oslo Talks

What Knutepedia Actually Taught Us – Jamie Macdonald

During the pandemic, Jamie MacDonald and Jaakko Stenros ran a series of Zoom-based Nordic larp virtual pub quizzes, called Knutepedia. We ended up learning some things about our community in the process.

Jamie MacDonald arrived at Nordic larp through the theater and performance route, and over the last decade has written extensively on the potentials and pitfalls of that field’s crossovers with larp. He is also the co-creator of a series of theater/larp pieces, like Walkabout and The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency, along with Aarni Korpela. He is Canadian and lives in Finland, where he is pursuing a PhD on stand-up comedy performance.

2016 Helsinki Talks

Exclusive and Inclusive Worlds: Gender Edition – Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald is a stand-up comedian, writer, and player of many larps, who has written frequently on the subject of performativity and performance in larp. Usually stand-up comedians don’t use words like performativity, so it’s worth mentioning that he’s also a performance and theatre artist, and has also recently lectured in Art Larp at SADA in Stockholm. He’s been coming to KP/SK since 2009 and is the co-creator of the Walkabout series of performance games, as well as The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency.

2012 Helsinki Talks

From preforming arts to larp – Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald is a transnational Finnish-Canadian artist in theatre, performance art, stand-up comedy, drag performance, punk music, writing, video, and larp. He started out in Toronto with a fairly traditional education in drama-based theatre as an actor and director, but then moved to Finland, where he couldn’t make heads or tails of the language. This move catalyzed an interest in physical theatre and dance, which is where Jamie focused intensively for the next half-decade, training in about half a dozen well-known theatrical methodologies from butoh to biomechanics. Together with Aarni Korpela, Jamie is the creator of Walkabout, a long-term crossover project between larp, theatre, and performance art. Their latest project, The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency, ran in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Helsinki in the summer of 2012.

Twitter: @happeningfish

Photo: Jakob la Cour