From preforming arts to larp – Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald is a transnational Finnish-Canadian artist in theatre, performance art, stand-up comedy, drag performance, punk music, writing, video, and larp. He started out in Toronto with a fairly traditional education in drama-based theatre as an actor and director, but then moved to Finland, where he couldn’t make heads or tails of the language. This move catalyzed an interest in physical theatre and dance, which is where Jamie focused intensively for the next half-decade, training in about half a dozen well-known theatrical methodologies from butoh to biomechanics. Together with Aarni Korpela, Jamie is the creator of Walkabout, a long-term crossover project between larp, theatre, and performance art. Their latest project, The Lovers’ Matchmaking Agency, ran in Oslo, Copenhagen, and Helsinki in the summer of 2012.

Twitter: @happeningfish

Photo: Jakob la Cour

How to become a god – Mike Pohjola

Mike Pohjola is a writer, a game designer, an entrepeneur and an activist. He has written two novels, three table-top roleplaying games, a manifesto, several theatre plays, larps at art festivals and for fun, some short films, digital games, interactive projects, and lots of other stuff. He has founded two award-winning companies, that together have won an International Emmy Award for Best Interactive TV Service (The Truth About Marika), two Interactive Rockies (Conspiracy For Good) and a Prix Europa (The Forest of Babel). He’s currently working on his third novel 1827 – Inferno about the Great Fire of Turku.

Twitter: @mikepohjola

My presentation, How To Become A God, deals with the history of drama from Dionysian rituals to reality television, and beyond, and how all of this relates to roleplaying. While doing that, I’ll also answer a puzzling point in Aristotle’s Poetics that’s been bugging theatre scholars for three thousand years.
Nordic Larp Talks and State of Play 

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States of Play – Solmukohta 2012 book presentation – Juhana Petterson

Prior to the Nordic Larp Talks Helsinki 2012Juhana Petterson the editor of States of Play, the Solmukohta book of the year held a very convincing argument this years book are completely different compared to its predecessors. You can download the book as pdf at the site

Juhana Pettersson is the producer of the videogame tv-show Tilt and the director of publishing at Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Nordic roleplaying culture.

He has studied at the University of Helsinki and at Studio national des arts contemporains le Fresnoy. He was the editor in chief of the roleplaying magazineRoolipelaaja from 2007 until 2009. He has worked as the assistant editor-in-chief at the left wing arts magazine Kulttuurivihkot, and as a contributing editor at the pan-Nordic roleplaying magazine Playground.

He has written for publications such as Helsingin SanomatImage, Veli, CityVoima,Kumppani, Libero and Ylioppilaslehti, and also did some work for the now defunct indie tv station ATV.

He has written a book called Roolipelimanifesti (Like, 2005) and a roleplaying game called Ikuisuuden laakso (Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura, 2009). He edited a collection of roleplaying games called Unelma Keltaisesta kuninkaasta ja muita tanskalaisia roolipelejä with Kristoffer Apollo and Tobias Wrigstad (Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura, 2011). He lives in Helsinki, Finland.



Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen (CC BY 2.0)

Nordic Larp Talks Helsinki 2012

From the esthethic view of being a god in the immigrant camps of Finland to being on top of the digital game era and doing the tango with vampires in the Winter Garden. 
We are larp.

Nordic Larp Talks Helsinki 2012 – was an evening of entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the Nordic tradition of live action roleplaying games. 


Mike Pohjola – How to become a god

Johanna Macdonald – From preforming arts to larp

Claus Raasted – Larpification 

JP Kaljonen – The interplay between player and man in the street

Panel with Mikko Rautalahti & Andie Nordgren – Getting A Haircut And A Real Job

Jesper Bruun – Experimental Larp Design

Lizzie Stark – Playing in Graveyards: Terror collides with larp

The talks where presented by writer, radio & television host as well as winner of the innovator category of this years The Swedish Grand Journalism Prize award, Johanna Koljonen.

It was live streamed on and all talks are now available to watch with the player above. During the next days they will be published as separate clips.

NLT 2012 Helsinki was part of the A Week in Helsinki-program prior to the roleplaying conference Solmukohta


Photo by Tuomas Puikkonen (CC BY 2.0)

Prior to the talks we livestreamed the presentation of this years Solmukohta book, States of Play by the editor Juhana Petterson. You can download the book as pdf at the site

Nordic Larp Talks Helsinki 2012 took place on April 11th at the PRKL club in central Helsinki, Kaisaniemenkatu 4. Hosted by Johanna Koljonen and produced and livestreamed by Petter Karlsson & Björn Falkevik from Falkevik & Danehav. Big thanks to the whole A Week in Helsinki crew for making this happen.

Documenting the Nordic Larp Scene

Jaakko Stenros (M.Soc.Sc.) is a game researcher at the Game Research Lab at the University of Tampere, Finland. Currently he is working on a dissertation on the limits of games. Together with Markus Montola, Jaakko has edited three books on larp, Playground Worlds (2008), Beyond Role and Play (2004) Nordic Larp (2010). They are also authors of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design (2009).

Site: Nordic Larp Book
Watch the our special talkshow about the Nordic Larp Book

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Not Another Story About Boy Meets Girl

Tor Kjetil Edland was one of the organizers of the (almost) all female larp Mad about the Boy the summer of 2010. He is an active member of Laivfabrikken Oslo, a network organizing monthly larps in Oslo, and has been part of producing two Knutepunkts, the annual Nordic larp conference. Other larps on his resume include Just a little lovin’, 1942, New Voices in Art, Limbo and Kristianiabohemen. Most of his professional career has involved working on international development projects, and he is currently managing women’s rights projects in Africa and South Asia in the YWCA/YMCA movement.

Photo: Jakob la Cour

Horror and Tragedy in Nordic Role-Playing

Markus Montola (M.Soc.Sc.) has worked as a researcher both at University of Tampere and at Nokia Research Center, with role-playing and pervasive games as main research interests. Together with Jaakko Stenros, Montola has edited three books on larp, Playground Worlds (2008), Beyond Role and Play (2004) Nordic Larp (2010). They are also authors of Pervasive Games: Theory and Design (2009).

Photo: Jakob la Cour

Role-Playing as a Teaching Method

Sanne Harder is a Danish scenario writer, who has more than 15 productions behind her, both LARP and tabletop, among which the most prominent are Agerlund (2009) and Felicia’s Story (2008). Her work has been published several times, both as part of antologies and as stand alone scenarios. Sanne has many year’s experience as a judge at the Danish scenario convention Fastaval. Here she has also been awarded prizes for her work. She has been a contributing writer and editor of several Danish (and international) magazines about roleplaying. In her professional life, Sanne is a teacher. She has studied theory of teaching at the Danish University of Education, where her work has focussed on competencies as an alternative approach to modern teaching. She has worked professionally with roleplaying in education for several years.

Site: The Role-Playing Teacher

Photo: Jakob la Cour

Fabricating Madness

Delirium is a larp about couples in a mental institution, a story about revolution and desire in a deconstructed universe. The larp uses ensemble play and workshops to develop a 50 hour experience for 38 players; played in a huge black box with theatrical set lights to break time flow and switch between scenes. It is designed as a high resolution larp involving many diegetic game devices to bring forth the feeling of insanity in the players.

Peter Schønnemann Andreasen is a Danish organizer, game designer, proponent of the pre-larp workshop and co-creator of the Ars Ordo mechanic. He helped organize the “A Week” activities for Knudepunkt 2007, served as the Ropecon guest of honor in 2008, and was nominated for an honorary Otto at Fastaval 2011. Peter was one of the organizers of the larp Delirum in 2010.


Photo: Jakob la Cour